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Jazz for Curious Listeners
Jazz Around The World -- Africa
October 9, 2012

Guest: Yacouba Sissoko-Kora

As early as the 1920's jazz was traveling the world, influencing and being influenced by musical traditions on every continent. Join us as we explore each of these places individually, with a series of special guests who will play and talk about how their music is part of an international continuum.

In demand as one of the best kora players in the world, Yacouba Sissoko, has been making waves not only as a master in the West African griot tradition but in the jazz world as well. Born and raised in Kita, Mali, Yacouba began learning the kora when he was 12 from his grandfather and went on to study at the Institut National des Arts du Mali in Bamako. Yacouba continues promoting his griot heritage as the leader of his own band, Siya, and as a member of the group Super Mande in addition to making a break into the jazz world with Regina Carter's Reverse Thread Ensemble. The sound of the kora, a mix between a harp and blues guitar, combined with Yacouba's emphasis on improvisation has illuminated the African threads that run through jazz music and the beautiful results of cross-cultural collaboration.

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