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Jazz for Curious Listeners
International Jazz @ NJMH Featuring James Shipp on Celtic, Caribbean, and Brazilian Jazz
April 16, 2013

Leading up to our April 30th International Jazz Day concert at MIST, Jazz For Curious Listeners is focusing on the global influence of jazz with NYC's premiere jazz musicians rooted in cross-cultural collaboration. Shipp plays a wide variety of instruments and styles, most which are based in or around jazz, which he refers to as the "big tent" in the international music world. In his career Shipp has played jazz both new and old, Caribbean music, Brazilian music, and Celtic music in bands that cross many cultures and genres. Shipp's current focus as a bandleader is Nos Novo, a quartet that re-imagines traditional music form Ireland and the surrounding areas through the lenses of modern jazz and Brazilian musics. Since 2001, Shipp has led a sextet called the NSA, which plays both his compositions and arrangements of songs by Bjork, Radiohead, Beck etc.

Join us for a unique demonstration and discussion on the threads between Brazilian, Caribbean, and Celtic traditions and rhythms- not a combination you find every day!

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